Products and Services

Carolina Specialty Fabrics offers a broad line of textile products and services.

Products include: Flannels, Specialty Weaves, Jersey Knit Fabrics, Tubular Knit Fabrics, Terry Cloths, Knit Cuffing Material and Kevlar.

Our Services include: Custom Napping, Flame Retardant Treatment , Dying of Customer Goods and Fabric Dotting.

Woven Flannels

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We offer 100% Cotton Canton Flannels

  • Widths of 35", 37" 40" and 60" are readily available.
  • Standard weights of 6 oz to 13 oz, Double Woven / Double Napped weights of 13.5 oz to 18 oz.
  • Box Nap (Tiger Cloth is available from 8 oz. to 18 oz. and up to 40 inch widths)
  • Pad dyeing is available for all fabrics, weights and widths.

Specialty Wovens

  • Moleskins, Sateens, Filter Fabrics, Cords, Polyester and Cotton Blends, Acrylics and Rayons.
  • Widths for 35" to 60" and Wights from 4 oz to 18 oz.

Knit Fabrics

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  • Tubular Knits, Jersey Knits, Interlocks, Terry Cloths, Dotted Knit Fabrics, Kevlar

100% Cotton Canton Flannels


  • Available in the following widths: 35", 37", 40", 60", and square yard weights of 6 oz. to 13 oz.
  • Double woven/double napped fabrics available in square yard weight of 13.5 oz to 18 oz. and widths of 37", 39" and 54"
  • Box nap ("tiger cloth") available on 8 oz. to 18 oz. up to 40" width.
  • Pad dyeing can be performed on all fabrics weights and widths for an additional charge. Our 4 standard colors are display above.

*Pad dyed colors are not color fast. Minimum dye run of 2000 yards per color.

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